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The Memorial Park Concept is the highest expression of immortalizing a loved one who has passed away. It is a tribute and an honor to the dead, a constant source of inspiration to the living. Therefore, a memorial park does away with headstones and other depressing reminders of mortality.

In their place stand simple marble tablets set flush with a well kept lawn. Sculptured pieces serving as memorial sare arranged among the trees and shrubbery, mausoleums are likewise set in suitable surroundings to enhance the charm of both edifice and interment grounds.

Ever-flowing fountains reaffirm the theme of oneness in eternity. Imposing chapels of distinction, graceful and solemn in its dignity welcome the visitors into their sanctuary of peace.


What are the advantages of a memorial park against a cemetery?

Memorial Park Concept

    * Well planned with landscaped surroundings complete utilities, such as drainage, electrical, irrigation
    * Low utilization of land
    * Full ownership of cemetery plot
    * Well maintained
    * Maintenance supported by Trust Fund

Cemetery Concept

    * Limited development
    * Overcrowded
    * No maintenance
    * Limited use of burial space
    * Burial rights only
    * No fund to support maintenance

Care Fund

Green and Beautiful Forever.

A visit to any of the neighboring cemeteries in Metro Manila is a depressing experience.

The bereaved mourner, hoping to find peace and consolation within the walls of a supposedly holy place, is bewildered by the sounds and sights that assail his senses. The hustle of the crowd, the din of traffic , the missing markers and crosses, the dusty and muddy roads and walkways, but most of all, the over crowding that robs whatever atmosphere of privacy is left within.

Overcrowding is no longer the monopoly of the metropolis alone. It has also extended to its burial grounds. Like the burgeoning city, a cemetery has to expand its boundaries or suffer consequences of lack of burial space.

Memorial parks, however, operate on a different concept. They are developed and maintained with beauty and tranquility in mind. Wide open spaces dominate the landscape and attention is given to the general preservation of the park grounds

Included in the list price of every lot purchased is an amount set aside and depositedto a Trust Fund. To date, this has grown into a Billion-Peso Trust Fund managed by the Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC). Income realized from this fund will be used for the general care and maintenance of all Manila Memorial Parks. This is the reason that the lot owner need not worry about the final resting place of his loved one deteriorating in appearance and beauty, even after many years.

This means that the owner of the plot need not worry about the care of his property, even long after the company itself has ceased its operations.


Memorial parks operate on the concept of beauty plus utility.  They are and will continue to be havens of natural and man-made beauty, sacred places for rest, comfort and inspiration.  Upon witnessing the congested and unpleasant sights of public cemeteries, Castle and Cooke conducted a rigid study of the business for local consumption.  It turned out feasible.

To help them finance this worthy undertaking, they approached some prominent names of society. Readily, these people consented to the idea. Hence, Manila Memorial Park was born in 1964, the year that marked the era of a new concept in the cemetery business.

Manila Memorial Park boomed. Thus, a year later, Holy Cross Memorial Park in Novaliches, Quezon City was developed to sustain the needs of the people in the area. Soon other parks were opened to compete with Manila Memorial Park . However, for one reason or another, these memorial parks have failed to sustain the maintenance and operations of their parks and a number of them folded up.

In November 1991, Manila Memorial Park in Dasmariñas, Cavite was opened. At over 128 hectares, this holds the distinction as the largest memorial park in terms of land area. Rolling terrain and distinct water features have made this Manila Memorial Park stand out.

This was followed by the opening of MMP-Bulacan in June 1998. Situated along the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX), it is conveniently located just off the Sta. Rita Exit and a mere 30 minutes away from the Balintawak Interchange .

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